In order to meet the demands of modern business the motorcycle industry has become quite homogeneous; however, the manufacturers cannot possibly mass-produce machines according to the unique needs of its end users; height, weight, type of riding, terrain, riding ability, or even personal preferences, but we can. In addition to over 25 years of experience tuning suspension, as an authorized Race Tech service center, we have completed mandatory training courses and have access to the same data, research and development, technologies, and great products as the technicians at Race Tech’s headquarters in Corona, CA. This relationship allows us, as a small local shop, to provide New England with premium suspension set ups that are backed by engineering, national level research and development, and proven to perform at the highest levels of racing.

Before you send in your suspension, please download the service form, fill it out, and send it in with your components. We recommend customers in need of suspension work send us both the forks and shock at the same time for safe and accurate setups or services. When completed your Motoworx/ Race Tech modified or serviced suspension will be shipped back to your door ready to bolt on and go.


The industry’s technological revolution and evolution over the years has led to increasing application of advanced technologies. This has made services, rebuilds, and modifications often times more expensive, complex, and exclusive. As a result, Motoworx offers complete two and four stroke engine services from vintage to modern engines for both enthusiasts and racers alike.

As an authorized service center Motoworx performance engine packages are powered by Race Tech, which provides us with high quality precision engine services using state of the art equipment following the best processes in the industry. The staff at Race Tech are formally educated, by experienced engineers, and have over 65 years of combined championship-winning engine building and tuning experience.


Parts and Accessories

Motoworx offers a complete line of aftermarket performance parts and accessories from a variety of distributors such as Parts Unlimited, Western Powersports, Tucker Rocky, and numerous others. Call for options and pricing.